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Hello all from New Jersey! I have been a pro for about two months now. I offer all career related services including résumé revamps, cover letters, interview practice and LinkedIn optimization The first month was great I was getting persistent leads every week. But now I haven’t gotten a lead in over three weeks. And when I search myself I’m not even showing up in the top column. Has anyone had this situation and is there any advice? I do reach out to the opportunities as well but I haven’t had any luck. Thanks!


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    Hi @Remix_Resumes20 thank you for posting. Sorry for the delayed response, I was out of office! I reached out to see if I could get some clarity on why you are not showing up higher and got a couple of answers:

    • When you turn targeting off and then back on it can take some time to get back up in search results (it looks like it was turned off for a bit and somewhat recently turned back on, so this is most likely the answer). You can try getting a new review, that tends to help bump people up (also adding new photos and changing up your profile/FAQs section)! Would also suggest in the future using "hide my business" instead of turning off targeting, since this won't affect your ranking (screenshot below).
    • When you are offering only remote services you are going to show up differently depending on who is searching - you are getting views (you can see that here), which means you are definitely showing up for some people (but I can see that views are down a lot for you, sorry about that!). You could try going in and still setting a zip code in which you work locally and see if that changes things at all.. might help and might be worth a try!

    Let me know if any of these things help - let's keep this dialogue open - and we can keep working together to solve!