same client keep booking

I have a client who kept on booking me just to ask me question i have come to a decision to not work for her anymore but she stilll have options to book me and makes me loose money how can i fix that


  • I have had a similar incident. A few times a client will re-input their request. Of course I get it again because it is the same request and I get charged again. With this newer system of automatically charging us when it is a match, instead of how it used to be when we got charged only if we responded, it leaves it open for this to happen. I tried to get refunded but they will only refund if the repeat request is made within 72 hours. That programming needs to be changed. I put in a complaint and was told that if enough people bring this problem up they will do something to correct it, but it takes a lot of us to complain on this point. So, just send in your complaint and maybe it will get changed.

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    @chilogm1 If you want to DM me and let me know which customer this is I can look into it for you! I did take a look at the past several charges and didn't see any repeats, but if you let me know their name I can look a little more deeply.


  • This was the third time this happened to me. The other two were a while ago so not worth looking into. However this one just happened. Her name is Elissa Cron. She first contacted me on June 6th. The 2nd contact I was charged for was on June 16th, which is the one I am disputing. I know your 72 -hour rule, however I think the programming should be changed so that the same client does not contact a Pro twice. She already had my contact information from the first contact but just did not understand how Thumbtack works so she went in to find me the same way she originally did. She then found my number and contacted me directly. As you can see I never even answered the request on June 16th and it should just be removed and refunded. Thank you, MJ

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    @D0G_TRAINING_WITH_MJ have you submitted the lead from Elissa for a refund already, and if so was it denied?

  • Yes I did and got the standard answer. As I mentioned this is not the first time I was contacted for this job it is the second time. Same issue that happened twice before. Problem is over 72 hours is considered a new request, which is not the case.

    Here is the answer I received:

    It looks like the charge for the lead, Elissa Cron, is not eligible for a refund under our policy.

    Based on your payment history, it appears as if this is the first time the customer contacted you for this job. They reached out to learn more about your business, which is why you paid for this lead. You can send follow-up messages to the customer for free. Follow-up messages are a quick way to show you’re still interested in working together.

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    @D0G_TRAINING_WITH_MJ I went ahead and looked into this and am unfortunately not able to give you any better news. It is definitely unfortunate that at times customers don't understand how Thumbtack works. I think we could do better at educating customers and I will definitely send that feedback in! I hope to continue to see you here and please reach out if you ever need help with anything!

  • Thank you, but forget about educating customers. The programming needs to be corrected so a client cannot contact a Pro a second time. If I have been contacted we have exchanged information so there is no need for a second contact through Thumbtack. If the client has hired me, is not satisfied and wants to find someone else, they can go back into Thumbtack and search again, however I should be excluded from any additional searches from that client.