Refund requests with frustrating responses

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Thumbtack guides you to keep your calendar up to date so that you don't pay for leads that you can't attend, however, even though the date is blocked on the calendar, enter leads, you request a refund, say that the requested date is blocked and they respond that your order is not eligible under the refund policies, seriously???? It is difficult to continue with this partnership by paying for leads that never respond to you, leads on days that you have already warned that you cannot answer, for every 10 paid leads you get 2 customers... frustrating


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    @Rosemoreira32 thank you for posting. I understand how frustrating this must be. Have you followed up with support after your initial refund request was denied? I would shoot them an email with the requests in question and see if there is anything more they can do. I have also sent this feedback to the product team. Thank you!

  • Hi, thanks for replying.

    Yes, when this started to happen I sent an email, but I was informed that when the client informs that it is open to other dates, they understand that I can suggest another date to the client, however, even though the client says it is open to other dates , they never are. I would like to take the opportunity to suggest that the App ask the client to inform the size of the area that should be cleaned, because by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it is difficult to give an estimate. It happened that a client saw the estimate on the App of 1 bedroom and 2 bathrooms (100 dollars) and when I arrived to clean the house, in addition to 1 bedroom and 3 bathrooms, 3 large living room, 1 master and the large kitchen and still the customer insisted on the value seen in the App, a very unpleasant situation.

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    @Rosemoreira32 I will definitely submit this feedback, thank you so much for taking the time to share it.