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Hello, I have platinum status but I do not know how to access my thumbtack concierge. I reached out to thumbtack support via email to update a review from a customer I met on thumbtack from unverified to verified. Instead I got two emails: one stating my account was on hold for a violation with no additional information, and another accusing me of creating a fake profile and fake thumbtack requests, which I absolutely did not do. I haven’t been able to get any actual customer service contacting thumbtack support despite sending several more emails so I’m hoping someone can point me to my thumbtack concierge. I have yet to receive any mention of fixing the problem I initially wanted assistance with (verifying a review from a thumbtack customer). Is there anyone at thumbtack willing to help me get to the bottom of what has now spiraled into several problems? With zero help from customer service, I do not know where to reach out next. Thank you


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    Sent you a DM, @Allison11! I'm with you and we will work together to try and get this resolved!