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today i got a lead from someone for 8 target chair assembly. i greet the customer and i got a message that says i already hire someone. i pay $33 for that lead and I'm assuming the other 3 pro pay $33 too. request a refund just to be told I'm not eligible i wasted $33 on a lead just to be told they hire someone already so in total thumbtack made $33 from another 33 from another pro and another 33 from another pro just to get told they already hire someone. Not sure if that's the case but charge should be only go against the pro that was hired and not the one that wasn't hire.


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    @chilogm1 Thanks for posting! Even though this job didn't pan out, I love that you responded positively to the customer and hopefully in the future they will hire you for something else, because you handled this so professionally. Let's ask some of our Top Pros @Lemargriffinfilms and @ShaquealThomas if they have any advice for these instances?

    I know this can be frustrating, so I am glad you came here to ask about it! I have also passed along your feedback to our product teams. Hope to see more of you in the Community!

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    I would just like to share some advice, with no judgements, with @chilogm1 and any other pros as this has happened to me on several occasions. I have been fortunate enough after thorough explanations to have received refunds in 2 such circumstances.

    'Try to shorten your response time when a customer contacts you directly or if you respond to an opportunity. I do realize that we are all business pros and that it is not always possible to do so but this is so important in preventing a possible customer from becoming impatient and reaching out to or responding to other pros'.

    Unfortunately we do not have the ability to know how urgent a customers need may be to hire a pro, which may be a possible reason why they invite multiple pros to contact them.

    Not a nice practice but unfortunately that is the cost of marketing.

    Another tip # make sure you have 'notifications enabled' on your phone, smart watch, laptop, pc or whichever technology you use to let you know when contact is being made with you from Thumbtack.

  • @DustiO @chilogm1 these ones are the toughest because you feel you never had a fair shot at the lead to begin with especially when we reply rapidly I do keep an open mind if the message states “hired a different pro” I respect it because that means the customer had some connection /conversation price etc with another pro and as long as they use the app and hired someone from thumbtack even though I spent X amount of money I’m ok with that I get hired over other pros to and I know they lose out as well it’s unfortunately the risk you take with paying for leads one of the cons which is frustrating.


    I do call in to thumbtack and give feedback in hopes we can come up with a better solution similar to the solution @chilogm1 stated only charging the pros who are hired for the job or only select other pros when the first pro who was chosen hasn’t been hired my opinion that would bring down charges and less frustration with pros through every category.

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    Just today I had a client who reached out for a painting estimate Tuesday I reached out right away and I alway have the same greeting for my industry I politely state my availability and times and what time would they prefer client did not respond so I followed up with a initial message and no response I sent a text message and the client responded and we have a set date for Saturday morning estimate so follow ups are key 🔑 and important some customers know how to sign up and fill out the thumbtack form but struggle with following up via thumbtack so the phone options is very helpful for reviews as well.

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    @ShaquealThomas I think it's super annoying that Thumbtack charges for "Leads" vs how other sites charge when money changes hands.

    While it's smart for Thumbtack, because they're profiting from Pros regardless if they're getting business or not. It's frustrating for businesses, because they're paying for indecisive customers.

    EDIT: Especially in the Photography market, where Leads can be 10% or more of what I would have made on the job... Now I'm essentially taxed for a job I didn't get.

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    My thing is this. We use to get charge a set price for leads right it changes in weekly or days I think now. We get charge up to $50 plus to mount a tv because of extra details such has client not having g a mount wire conceal needed wall is concrete size of tv and outlets placement

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    @chilogm1 I agree that lead pricing is extremely inconsistent.

    Thumbtack should also do a better job at vetting customers who truly have no intention of hiring.

  • @jt123 I am with you on that if the customer does not respond after a certain amount of time it should be refunded for another lead at-least so we will not take a complete loss.

    and if they do Reach out to more than one pro the lead price should go down a lot more.

  • The next lead or system upgrade hopefully thumbtack reaches out to us pros to give our feedback to help make it work for both sides pros and thumbtack.

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    Another $15 goes to waste yay let's go. I still don't get how is this fair in the pros end