Thumbtack tips


Once you are locked in on thumbtack it’s a routine I wake up normally around this time and double check my leads even when I have a project that day. here’s a few tips I would like to share.

  1. following up with clients are key normally if a client hasn’t answered they either logged off or missed your initial message so i follow up with a reminder message or call the very next day leads can be costly so use every contact method to lock it in!!!

  1. following up with reviews are key some clients just log off once the job is Complete thumbtack has a option to send via email or text message now you sent out a link via thumbtack email and text it helps your chances of locking in a review when you have 3 options.

3. double check your budget make sure your budget works for you weekly

last tip for today utilize all your thumbtack resources if available they do help with booking billing and scheduling.

quote of the day

customer service is key treat clients like you would like to be treated.


  • ShaquealThomas

    Just today I had a client who reached out for a painting estimate Tuesday I reached out right away and I alway have the same greeting for my industry I politely state my availability and times and what time would they prefer client did not respond so I followed up with a initial message and no response I sent a text message and the client responded and we have a set date for Saturday morning estimate so follow ups are key 🔑 and important some customers know how to sign up and fill out the thumbtack form but struggle with following up via thumbtack so the phone options is very helpful for reviews as well.

  • Meckell
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    Love this!

  • DustiO
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    Love this advice, @ShaquealThomas, commenting to bump this discussion to the top, because I want everyone to see it! Thank you for always sharing your time and incredibly valuable advice with our Community!

  • ShaquealThomas

    @DustiO you welcome anytime I can help out my fellow pros I will!