Lead Refunds - Non Responsive Clients

JT123 Posts: 6

I'm about to close my Thumbtack account for good.

As a small business, I cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars per week for "leads" to unresponsive customers. Not only does it not lead to work, it wastes time filling out refund forms, which I could be spending responding to other customers.

Thumbtack either needs more responsive customer support, amend their refund policy or automatically refund Pros when a customer doesn't AT ALL.

It's beyond frustrating and costly. Thumbtack makes a profit on 5 Leads from 4-5 Pros that will never get the job.


  • Tarkus
    Tarkus Posts: 1

    My thoughts exactly. It's called double dipping. Imagine a customer getting a response from 100 pros and only 1 gets hired. That's a huge profit for thumbtack.