August contest: Share profile tips

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For August's contest, we want to hear your tips for building the best Thumbtack profile.

Drop your profile tips below for a chance to win this exclusive Thumbtack swag.


  • Allan
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    Having a friendly profile picture is a great one. Had a client print my picture for their 2 year old so he could get familiar with my face and the photoshoot went a lot smoother since I was a "familiar" face, rather than a stranger.

    Displaying your work would be the next best important thing, work tends to speak a lot more than words. Also, being able to share pricing on the spot would allow better communication. The more you can complete your profile to what your clients usually ask for, allows for a more organic conversation if they pursue one.

    The last thing would be to answer all the questions and a paragraph or two about yourself. Most people just want performance but there are still a good chunk that want a feel for you.

  • SalM
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    I believe smiling in your profile picture is inviting and makes people feel comfortable. Tell them about your work experience and maybe a little personal story that relates to it. How your work has helped people. People like when you make them feel like they are being taken care of and can relate to you as a person, especially since they are inviting you to their home to work.

    Also, take many before and after pictures of your work. People love to see pictures nowadays.

  • Make sure your contact info, services you offer, and pricing are always updated. You don't want someone to go on your profile and see services listed for one price and then when they speak with you they are quoted something completely different. Keep photos current of jobs that you have completed.

  • DustiO
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    I love all of this advice!!

  • ShaquealThomas
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    edited August 2022

    The profile tips I would love to share would be to complete all license certificates (if necessary) to give your clients that extra boost of trust in your services.

  • DustiO
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    Thank you all for your contributions to this post - so many great tips! Our (randomly selected) winner this month is @Allan - if you can DM me your mailing address I will send you your prize! Thank you!