I’m new to this but I really need to find some work


  • DustiO
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    @Keithgking89 Welcome to the Thumbtack Community! I took a quick look at your profile and I can see a few things you can do to help get more jobs:

    1. Add more photos - especially before and after photos if you have those
    2. Fill out all of the FAQs on your profile, and add more information to your intro section
    3. Get more reviews - you are allowed to have up to 10 non-Thumbtack reviews and you are statistically much, much more likely to be hired if you have more than 5 reviews.

    I'm also tagging in a few pros who are really great who might have some good advice for someone trying to expand their business on Thumbtack! @ShaquealThomas @Lemargriffinfilms @PomeranzLaw @soonerkimmy @Stat and check out this post from Shaq who wants to plan a brainstorming/networking session with other painters (this could be perfect!) or you can always join us for CommuniTea - a networking session we hold every 2 weeks in the Community for pros to connect and share ideas/tips/tricks. We won't have a session next week as I have a conflict, but we will resume 2 weeks after that!

  • ShaquealThomas

    @Keithgking89 I can share a few tips on how to find work on thumbtack what industry are you in? also as @DustiO stated above join Communitea if possible, there we share so many helpful ways to really grow your business on thumbtack and strategies that we all can benefit from.

    1.make sure you have direct leads on, so your profile shows up as available for customers to hire.

    2.not sure the industry but make sure you setup a target and budget that works for you to begin with as well as areas you are willing to service you may be able to target areas with less pros in high demand.

    3.Try to complete as much of your profile as possible to show customers a solid portfolio.