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I'm excited to be here with you on the new Thumbtack Community page!!

My name is Leah and I’m the owner of Back in the Box! I am a professional organizer who specializes in decluttering, downsizing, and packing services based in Philadelphia, PA. I am a lover of helping others, organizing (of course!), sustainability, and being an entrepreneur!

Thumbtack has been a big part of making my business successful from the very beginning and I would love to see everyone else in the Community leverage it to make theirs successful as well!  If I can help in any way to see us all win - I’m all in - so that’s why I’m here! 

As community leaders, we want this space to be a fun and productive environment.  We welcome everyone to collaborate and provide solution-based responses to questions of our fellow Thumbtack Pros! 

I have one for you - for those of you in the service industry, what is your best advice to address the cyclical nature of the business and how do you prepare for slower months?


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    Leah, it's a pleasure to be in this community with you. Thanks so much!

    IMO - The best advice for addressing the cyclical nature of the service industry is to accept and embrace it. I've spent quite a bit of time preparing for how I think [read: wish] things should be or ideally, instead of accepting it for what it is. There are strategic advantages in cyclical/seasonal industries, one being taking time to reflect, analyze and recalibrate. If you are more of a sprinter than a distance runner, this is can really be the ideal scenario to allow for rest and recovery, as opposed to what is the sometimes unsustainable demands of running a business without breaks.
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    @perrysto this was 100% my experience when I worked in the events space - it would be go go GO for several months, and then a month to take a breath! And then repeat. I definitely needed those slower times to recover!
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    @BITBLeah Love the energy! So glad to be able to share this community space together and get to know everyone.

    In doing what you do. Do you ever have clients that have a hard time letting go of personal belongings... I am just so curious how you go about that! I am quite intrigued.
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    Hi Danielle - I'm excited to get to know you and be a part of this community as well!

    I think it's all about asking the right questions and never being judgmental! If someone is taking the time to bring me in, they have had time to think and many times subconsciously have prepared to get rid of items whether they realize that or not. Sometimes it is just getting into the space with a person that can see it with fresh eyes.

    I often hear clients saying they thought it would be harder to get rid of things when we are actively working in the space! I think that's because they've forgotten really what is there and realize that if they didn't need it for the time that they forgot they had it they can most likely get rid of it.

    I love the question, thank you for asking!

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    I love this view! I agree it's nice to be able to use the time during slower periods for learning, recharging, and leveling up the business without having to burn yourself out.