We're looking for pros to feature on our social media!

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Hi pros!

My name is Meckell and I'm a social media manager here at Thumbtack. We're looking for pros to feature on our social media channels and wanted to reach out to our wonderful community to see if anyone is interested. If you want to show off yourself and your amazing work, please fill out this form: https://thumbtack.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_29PYvJW1Vb3cc7k.


  • DustiO
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    Love this!

  • I would love to be featured on Thumbtack's media channels. I am a semi-retired professional Social Event & Sports Videographer, but here in Thumbtack I offer Transfers to DVD" services. Specifically I convert family videotapes (all formats) to DVD and if also desired, to USB Thumb Drive. Thumbtack is the ONLY lead source that offers this category to customers in need. However, I have been trying (thus far, in VAIN) to get Thumbtack to ADD: Old Film Reels and Color Slides which HALF of my customers also have or only have which need to be converted as importantly to DVD as videotapes. These films and slides also contain people's cherished memories. Half my income is from Old Film Reels.

    Thank you

    Thomas R