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Does anyone know the particulars about Thumbtack's direct deposit means of getting paid? Are there fees for direct deposit? When they start offering credit card payments, what will the fees be?

I now see Thumbtack is using Stripe for this service. We already subscribe to Stripe. So perhaps it will integrate?


  • DustiO
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    @JillV I don't believe there are any fees associated with transactions. You can learn more here. Thanks!

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    I'm still relatively new to Thumbtack but I am trying to optimize my business with TT as a cornerstone piece. But this e-mail I just got is fairly hostile, strong-arming me into setting up direct deposit, and accepting (currently undisclosed) fees next year. I have to raise my rates anyway to pay for my ~15% win rate, and now more fees to stay viable in the TT ecosystem. Not feeling good about this, but I will probably do it. It would be nice if there was a roadmap with specific details on features, timing, etc. Anyone else have an opinion or insight on how this will play out? cheers

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    @WDodson I will pass this feedback along to the team, thanks for sharing!

  • Hi

    I just got back into thumbtack after a few weeks abroad leave.

    I guess I missed the 8/22 date. I’m not sure what the consequences are.

    I nor my customers have never required the Direct Deposit service.

    ~ If I don’t sign up, am I now at a *new* disadvantage.

    ~ With this direct deposit in place is Thumbtack going to or ever in the future take a percentage or larger amount if the job gets extended for either customer time estimates or introduction of additional tasks during a visit.

    I love Thumbtack

    Thanks for any help.


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    @TomTom this also depends on where you live - you may not have missed anything. I would call or email Support and see if they can check for you! [email protected] or check your Contact Us page

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    @TomTom That's a great question. How will the fee change if the scope/size of project changes. I also would like to know the DD fees in general and when they will go into effect. And the payment partner (Stripe?) and so on. I'd also like to see screenshots of how payments are presented to customers.

    There are other features I'd rather have.