Sooo.... how is search marketing allocated to local markets?

Hi all-- I didn't see anything in these forums about this so I thought I'd just ask... Presumably our lead fees are tracked by local market area and then some of that money is allocated to buy ads on Google and other search engines. These ads (in my area) seem to be at the top of search, so TT is paying for that. Which is great-- the TT system will not work without those paid ads, and it also won't work without very high organic rankings (the search results under the ads). TT pays for organic ranking by having a search-optimized website managed by smart people.

My question is, how is all this search (paid and organic) effort allocated in local markets? Because TT is a LOCAL lead generation system, and the money is presumably budgeted out to some cities but not others, and to some trades and not others.

Also should our Google Business Profiles mention Thumbtack? Should our websites link to Thumbtack? Can TT back-link to our individual websites to help our own search optimization? Any info from TT marketing team would be really interesting.

Thanks and cheers


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    @WDodson I am asking around to see if I can get any insight on this for you!

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    @WDodson I asked around for you (because I didn't know enough about this myself to answer) - as far as whether or not you should link your Thumbtack profiles on your websites - this is always a good idea!

    As far as how we allocate marketing efforts in local markets - we focus our paid pro marketing efforts on areas we define as "low supply markets", meaning trades and locations where we don't currently have enough pros to fully meet customer demand. These markets are continuously being updated based on where we need additional pros the most at a given time.

    Hopefully that helps? As far as Thumbtack linking back to your website - you are already able to add your website and social media to your profile. When a customer reaches out to you they are able to see that - I have attached a screenshot from a pro that I am currently working with for your reference:

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    Ahhh very helpful.

    Sounds like there are maybe two branches of paid advertising, to 'pros' like me, and to consumers? In any case, great to know that 'low supply' (not enough pros) areas get more marketing spend, but that also means if there are more pros recruited in my area it'll require more work on my part. Hmmm. I was more specifically wondering how SEO/content marketing and PPC are targeted at consumers, and how different markets are allocated budget. I really appreciate you digging into and sharing what you found out.

    And thanks for the screenshot re: website in profile. Very helpful, if that in fact registers as a 'link' by Google's indexing. Cheers

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    @WDodson I will see if I can find out more about customer marketing as well!