JOIN US TOMORROW for CommuniTEA: 30 minutes of networking

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See the event details here and join us to meet other pros! I'm tagging in some pros who have visited the Community this month - we would love to "meet" you tomorrow! Come prepared with questions for other pros - or just to socialize and get to know other entrepreneurs. See you there!

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  • Sounds like a plan, see you all there!

  • Mage
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    Thanks had to manually add it to my Google Calendar again! 😆 I might attend with camera off if that's OK since it is early for me. 😎

  • busyb
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    Thanks as always for tagging me Dusti. Unfortunately I do have a client tomorrow but if I can listen in while working I will. I'm wondering if the time of day could be alternated so that those of us that are usually with clients at the scheduled time for this weekly event could participate every other week. The best time for me would be after 4 pm MT but I know that is not the best time for anyone on the East Coast.

  • what time zone puleeze

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 599

    @KTV_2022 It's at 10:00am Mountain Time :) @busyb I love that idea - I will look into adding maybe some other sessions that are at different times to see how they go!

  • I'm in!

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 599

    @ASharp235 excited to meet you! We'll start in about 30 minutes!

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 599

    I promised everyone who joined today that I would tag you all here so you can connect:

    @ShaquealThomas @Lemargriffinfilms @soonerkimmy @Mage @ASharp235 @KTV_2022 @Daffodilly @Ccavallo007 @EVSNotary It was truly a pleasure chatting with you all today! Thank you so much for you insight and enthusiasm. See you in two weeks!

  • Hey gang, I hope I wasn't a time hog, but it's exciting to find other pros committed to reaching heights with Thumbtack. Ok, here I go again. I'm going to hush and just say it was fun informative and enjoyable. Have a great week!


  • Ugh sorry I missed today's meeting. Not only did I just space, but it's my mom's birthday so I was working on some stuff for her. I need to add the next one to my calendar.