Incorrectly Inflated Response Times

Anyone else have the issue that Thumbtack is showing a response times 15 to 20 min more than reality?

When I respond within 1-2min of receiving the lead, the messages list shows that it was 4-6min, but the lead info says "You replied in 19 minutes." which of course is completely incorrect.

Is this normal thumbtack stuff, or just me?


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 849

    @TechnikEnterprises Have you reached out to [email protected] about this? If not, can you please do that, because there may be something going awry! If you have, let me know and I can follow up with the team.

  • Okay, e-mailed.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 849

    Thank you for letting me know! I am traveling this morning, but will follow up. Have a great day!

  • Well, after sending all the info to support I never got a response on the issue..

    However, interestingly, the last lead I just got shows accurately.... "You replied in 2 minutes". First time I've ever seen it right.. So I'm guessing it was some sort of technical issue and they just fixed it...