Did you know you can get paid right in the Thumbtack app?

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Everyone loves getting paid. Did you know you can request and receive payments from customers in just a few easy steps — without ever leaving Thumbtack? All you have to do is set up Direct Deposit.

We know that Thumbtack customers feel safer and more secure paying through the app rather than paying through a third party. Plus, it’s convenient for them — they don’t need to connect their bank accounts and can simply pay using a credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Drop a comment below to let us know if you’ve set up Direct Deposit and what you think. If you haven’t set up Direct Deposit, tell us how you think this might benefit your business. Either way, you'll have a chance to be featured in an upcoming Thumbtack newsletter.


  • Hello,

    I was wondering on average, how long does it take for transactions to clear?-FISHER FUSION WELDING & METAL FABRICATION

  • Hi @WelderPNW

    Transactions typically clear in about two business days. This article has everything you need to know about getting set up. Hope this helps!

  • Direct Deposit applies to both direct and opportunities BUT Direct Deposit only applies to claimable jobs. Claimable jobs are:

    Claimable jobs are first-come, first-serve, and sent to our most trusted pros who:

    • Have 3+ reviews from Thumbtack customers (these show as "Hired on Thumbtack" on your profile)
    • Have at least a 4.5-star review rating
    • Turned on targeting preferences 
    • Passed a background check So Direct Deposit can't be used for all clients. Just wanted to pass that along
    • shirl

  • @KTV_2022 & all,

    Today all pros can set up direct deposit and request payment from customers. Starting in early October all customers will be able to initiate payments through the app. You’ll see prompts in the app at that time!

  • In the meantime, would you guys find out how we tell if the lead is a claimable lead so we can get practice on it now? thks shirl

  • Lead quality control would be awesome. Thumbtack is where I offer my welding services. Recently, I've been getting leads that I can't service because of the nature of the client's request versus what welding is. A lead I was charged $21 for contacted me yesterday and asked how much it would be to weld his bedframe. My minimum for a job is 90 minutes at $150 an hour. Metal preparation makes up 70% of welding jobs. Basically. The joint needs to be prepared so it can be welded correctly. A lot of hard work goes into it, and it takes years to master. A welder knows what alloy content the metal needs, makes sure the filler metal is strong enough for the task, and chooses the right process.

  • WelderPNW, good to see new TT Pros join in here on the Community.

    Some suggestions -

    I can't see your profile but do you lay out the details of the type of welding you do? Adding what you said in your question above would help drive them .

    Are these requests under direct and do not match your targeting description?

    Dustio, who could he talk to about being charged for a lead if it misses his targeting instructions? Welder, this is how you fine-tune your TT account. Keep putting messages on the Community, keep leaning on Pro Resources, and join us every other Thursday for our open forum discussions on how we solve all the world's problems. Just don't give up!


  • How do you actually bill a client on Thumbtack? I am seeing the "set up direct deposit" everywhere and I have set it up, but not sure how to use it.


  • DustiO
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    Hi @AnaCeleste thanks for posting! Here is an article with step by step instructions (including an interactive visual display so you can see it in the app) for how to request a payment from a customer. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions!

  • Having a great time using TT pro! However I still would love to see more quality control with the leads based on skilled trade being provided.

  • I know this is so crazy like I did the work and Thumbtack as of 5 days as been the only party to receive payment. So I did the hard work and still don’t have my payment. Can’t get in touch with customer support closed for training. All I’ve done is give this app money

  • DustiO
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    @Nicole Thank you for posting — and so sorry for the delayed reply (we are mostly all out until next week). Have you received your deposit yet for the job you did? I can help follow up next week when everyone is back in office! Please let me know — definitely want to make sure you get taken care of!!!