New Feature On Thumbtack: Max Leads could be good for us


Hey Hey Everyone,

So I got early access to a feature that thumbtack will be rolling out at the end of this month. I used it yesterday and already have seen benefits from it within the first 24 hours. This video is a bit long but I wanted to share just in case it helps anyone. This could be really good moving forward if you are worried about spending too much and want to focus getting jobs in a certain field.

Let me know your thoughts... Again I got early access but I am not exclusive or anything I'm sure some of you all have the same email waiting in your inbox. This feature will be coming to everyone soon so this is just a head start 😎 I'm excited to see if this new feature helps us all get more leads long term in the areas we want leads in!


Video ->>>>>>>>>>


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,683

    This is a-mazing, thank you for posting @Lemargriffinfilms!

  • chilogm1

    Thats the worst feature ever why am i paying 30 for 1 leads to put 1 chair together where i can only charge the client 35 for the assembly.

  • Lemargriffinfilms

    Hey @chilogm1 if you think it's the worst feature I'm sorry you feel that way. I went and read all 8 of the comments you have left in the community and it seems like you aren't too happy with thumbtack at the moment. You can change you max lead price to as low as you want then you won't have to pay prices you aren't happy with. If you are open to it I'd be happy to chat with you in private and see if there's any help I can provide... I have spent a lot on leads since getting on thumbtack so I also have been upset at times but I always keep in mind that I can leave thumbtack and not spend money at anytime, but for me the clients and value I get from thumbtack is worth losing a few leads here and there. I don't have all the answers but I think the Max lead set up will be good for pros in the long run, but that's just my take on it... sorry for any typos :)