New Feature On Thumbtack: Max Leads could be good for us

Hey Hey Everyone,

So I got early access to a feature that thumbtack will be rolling out at the end of this month. I used it yesterday and already have seen benefits from it within the first 24 hours. This video is a bit long but I wanted to share just in case it helps anyone. This could be really good moving forward if you are worried about spending too much and want to focus getting jobs in a certain field.

Let me know your thoughts... Again I got early access but I am not exclusive or anything I'm sure some of you all have the same email waiting in your inbox. This feature will be coming to everyone soon so this is just a head start 😎 I'm excited to see if this new feature helps us all get more leads long term in the areas we want leads in!


Video ->>>>>>>>>>


  • DustiO
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    This is a-mazing, thank you for posting @Lemargriffinfilms!

  • GoodQuestionTutoring
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    Hi @Lemargriffinfilms, thanks for posting this excellent video! I am a tutor, and it's interesting to see how Thumbtack is working out for pros in other professions.

    I've had the Max Lead Prices feature for a few weeks now, and to be honest, my personal experience has been negative. I think the feature triggered a bidding war among tutors that drove lead prices way up. I'm getting the same quantity and quality of leads as before--no complaints there--but they are now approximately four times as expensive as they were previously. I don't think my total revenue is going to go up or down. The only difference is that I'll be spending a much larger percentage of it on leads.

    It would be interesting to see how this feature works out for you over the coming weeks and months. The ideal would be that you get more and better leads, without a big lead price increase relative to previous years. I will certainly be curious about any updates. Thanks again for this video, as well as your other awesome posts. It's great that you take so much time sharing advice with other pros, and I think a lot of us really appreciate it. ☺️