Thumbtack keeps matching me with leads for dates that are blocked on my calendar!

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Is anyone else having this problem? I know that Thumbtack has an "allow pro to suggest other dates" option which is really annoying already. But I recently got charged $43 for a wedding with an actual single date that CANNOT be changed, and it is for a date that was already blocked on my calendar before they were even matched to me. This does not even make sense for the "allow pro to suggest other dates" explanation. I requested a refund for this and it was declined. Can someone explain this to me? Anyone have similar experiences?


  • DustiO
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    @vivmaxphoto Have you followed up with support after that refund was denied? If not, I would highly recommend doing so to see if you can appeal that! Let me know!

  • Studio656West57

    Hi VivMax,

    That happens to me ALL THE TIME and I have real issues with the fact that TT encourages the client to not only contact as many peeps as possible, but to add in that they are available for other dates, which causes them to charge me even if I am calendared out. I ask for a refund every time. I just hide my biz until I'm back from whatever I took off for.

  • ttphoto

    I would like to comment on DustiO I have contacted support numerous time and they have never been able to appeal as a matter of fact they just send you a link to a policy that doesn't make any sense and if you ask for someone else to talk to that is in Management you are denied and they will tell you those people do not except phone calls. I personally think that the refunds are never read and they are jus denied.