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  • I'm outraged. I asked for a refund because Thumbtack charged me for a lead from a customer I was already serving and was declined. The client herself told me that she contacted the app to explain, but I still didn't receive a refund

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    @Rosemoreira32 Thank you for posting. I would ask that you please review our Community Code of Conduct. I would advise reaching back out to support via email to see if you are able to appeal the decision, but in the Community we are not able to help with refunds. This is a space to help pros to connect with one another to share tips and tricks for success and to ask each other questions. Thanks!

  • I am outraged as well I got charged for a customer that canceled their Thumbtack account and I never serviced the customer. I know the administrator wants to use this platform as a everything is wonderful platform, but I think all the pro's need to also know the issues that the other pros are having

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    @ttphoto If you read through the Community, we often discuss difficult feedback. However, we do ask that conversations remain constructive and productive. We are not able to help with refunds within the Community, which is why I always encourage pros to reach back out to support.

    I myself was a business owner and Thumbtack pro for many years before joining the team. I understand the struggles and frustrations on a very personal level. I am more than just the administrator and do care deeply about our pros' experiences.

    Every other week I host CommuniTEA - a live virtual Zoom meeting for any and all Community members, where we bounce ideas off of one another, talk about issues, and share solutions. These conversations are welcomed and encouraged.

    But please adhere to our Community Code of Conduct - and try to remember that we are all just trying to do our best, and to keep this a space that welcomes collaboration and open conversation.

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    I know that @Daffodilly @Lemargriffinfilms @soonerkimmy @ShaquealThomas and a few I am forgetting have shared some tips and tricks for dealing with refunds or with leads that didn't pan out. Would love if you could chime in and offer some advice in this thread. Thanks in advance!