ICYMI - CommuniTEA networking hour recap (10/13)

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Last week @soonerkimmy @ShaquealThomas @kienobi @WelderPNW @Daffodilly @EVSNotary @ShutterByNitish @Lynette_Bryant @Mage and @Matt joined us for CommuniTEA — a biweekly networking hour where our Community members are invited to come together to network, share tips & tricks for success, and get to know one another. We wanted to share some highlights, and invite the rest of you to join us next time.

Community members shared tips & tricks and helped each other find solutions to common problems, like:

  • Understanding how to price jobs — and finding the balance between understanding what your time is worth and trying to 'win the job'.
  • Dealing with difficult customers and negative reviews, even when you know you did a great job.
  • Facing the seasonality of different industries, and what to do when things slow down.
  • Expanding your business to different locations — building multiple profiles, widening your travel area, or offering remote services.
  • And more.

We also heard feedback about Thumbtack (both good and bad) about things like:

  • Helping customers understand how jobs are priced so they can be more informed before reaching out to pros.
  • How pros can verify licenses on Thumbtack — and how that is presented to customers.
  • Thumbtack's Quality Commitment — and how we can help customers give pros the right information when requesting a quote.
  • Thumbtack Pro Rewards: swag, success workshops, and marketing webinars — our Community members are loving these and want to see more of them.

And here's what some of you said:

“I’m enjoying Thumbtack as a Community and also as a service to help my business. Of course, there's always going to be small bumps in the road, on any road you travel. So that's why I joined the community — to try to be a community and work things out together. So thank you guys, for having me.” — Galen, a welding professional in Redmond, WA

“I have been using Thumbtack for several years, it’s my main source of leads. I really like to help my fellow pros, especially helping them to avoid common mistakes. And, I also pick up tips and tricks here. I truly appreciate hearing about the values of passion, pride and professionalism. It was great connecting with you all.” — Mage, a music instructor & performer in Los Angeles, CA

“I say all the time that I've been on numerous platforms, and I don't get opportunities like this (CommuniTEA) — I would not not have a chance to speak to another pro in another state about the same situations we all deal with. We get to come together to speak about any issues we may have, we get to talk about solutions, and then we help create and build something for the future.” — Shaqueal, an interior & exterior painter in Boston, MA


  • I would like to be a party of "CommuniTEA" when do you meet?

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    @Avalynn345 We would love to have you join us! We meet every other Thursday from 9:00-10:00am PT. You can see more details here. We meet via Zoom and it's great!!

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    One more plug for this month's contest! There are only 2 entires so far, so your chances are GREAT! Be sure to enter by the end of today.

    And, we have our Halloween mini- contest, too (for some surprise swag). Would love to see y'all enter both!