Shout out to our pros who've been in business 5+ years!

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I wanted to take a moment to recognize our Community members who have been in business longer than 5 years. (Tagged below) Thank you for your contribution to Thumbtack and congratulations on your amazing accomplishment!

One of the most valuable parts of this Community is the knowledge sharing that goes on between our tenured and our newer professionals. There is nothing like getting advice from someone who lives and breathes the entrepreneurial life.

Drop your questions below for these amazing pros. And if I tagged you, feel free to introduce yourself and tell us more about you and your business. (And apologies if I missed anyone, comment below if I did and I will add you.)

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  • Thank you @DustiO !! It's been a long crazy journey here with you all on Thumbtack. I own a digital design agency - specializing in Logo design and Website design - and started waaaaay back when!! We've been a featured spotlight and have helped onboard new Pros in the old program. So any way we can help, I'm here!

  • Exciting!! I remember when Thumbtack first started, and it has been quite a journey - building my business and yours. I own a window company and provide and install windows for residential homes. Thumbtack was the first to acknowledge the woman who own and operate in a male dominated industry and I appreciate the support.

  • Thank you @DustiO!

    I started in late 2014 with Thumbtack!! Its been a wild ride watching my company grow right along with yours. We had some bumps and bruises along the way, but I have gained some wonderful clients, that I can now call friends , through the app.

    I'm honored to be a TOP PRO for almost all of my time with your company, and now have been a PLATINUM TOP PRO since 2020.

    Thanks for the opportunity to build my Photography business!


    Leigh Clifton

    Studio656West Photography

    [email protected]

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    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,228

    @MoonlitMedia @CandaceBrown @Studio656West57 I love these comments SO much. Thank you for being here and for being exceptional Thumbtack pros.

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    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,228

    Would love to see all of you join us for CommuniTEA - our bi-weekly community networking hour with your fellow pros and some Thumbtack team members! It takes place every other Thursday. Would also love your input on what you would like to do for our CommuniTEA holiday celebration — vote here!