[Help Request] Does anyone know how to get in touch with support at Thumbtack?

ivyprepme Posts: 2
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I had my pro account deactivated without any notice or explanation. When I submitted a request for reactivation, they sent me an email saying, "This form is for reactivation" and asked me to direct other inquiries elsewhere.

The chat function on their help page leads to a "Does not exist" page on the website. What a joke.


  • DustiO
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    @ivyprepme I just looked into your account and it is not deactivated? Can you please send me a screenshot of the email you received? And, you can find contact info for Thumbtack support here.

  • Hi there. I can't seem to get any response to the text support. The email support has been thoroughly unhelpful. I had to restart a new profile after my previous one was deleted (with no warning, no reason from Thumbtack). But that means that I've lost all my reviews, record of how many customers I've had, etc. I'd like my old profile back.

  • DustiO
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    Can you send me the email you used for your old account and I can see what I can find?