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Hi Folks, I was wondering if any of you have truly figured out how to target customers that can really pay for your services, rather than getting leads for DIY people looking for the cheapest job. I am located in Colorado and have a painting business. I have my targeting preferences set up the best I could; however, I feel that its missing something to get to your desired audience. Any help?


  • DustiO
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    @ShaquealThomas do you have any advice as a fellow painter? And @Lemargriffinfilms @busyb do you have any advice for a pro in Colorado?

  • Hi @Eduardo hopefully I can help out with a few tips I see you stated you did your best with targeting preferences have you tried taking out touchups and 1 and 2 rooms jobs maybe DIY customers would be more in those targeted jobs and service only 3 plus rooms I know it cuts services down but it may help you pay for the leads you want.

  • Also @edurado I’m working on a painters group to help us grow together in the community with painting questions for jobs and advice if your interested let me know hope this tip help wish the best!!

  • Thanks Shaqueal. Yes, I did remove those. Actually the set up I have is for 3+ rooms.

    I would love to join the painters group. Please let me know how to proceed.

  • Hey @Eduardo let's jump on a zoom call and chat. I'm in Colorado as well. We love to see if we can help you get more real jobs from the platform. @ShaquealThomas will be making a group soon so I know that will be helpful once it is up and running.

  • Hey @Lemargriffinfilms, happy to connect!

  • [email protected] shoot me a email we will set it up whenever you got time!

  • you welcome @Eduardo @Lemargriffinfilms is a perfect connection I hope it all works out I’m here if needed guys.

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    @DustiO thanks for tagging me.

    @Eduardo I am not sure I have any advice though to offer because my industry is so different than yours. I'm a professional organizer and move management specialist so most of my clients truly have no clue what to do and lack the ability to do any type of decluttering, purging, packing, unpacking. It's a much more emotional task than painting. That said, I am based in the Greater Boulder area and do service the entire Front Range so please let me know if you want to jump on a call to discuss anything at all. I have been on Thumbtack a little over two years and it truly did change the trajectory of my business so I might be able to offer some insight. :)