Should i get A Refund for those leads from my point of view I would say Yes because


i doon’t want to sound crazy but please explain to me why am I paying for a services that pretty much earning money from me for not doing nothing. I feel like now i should start charging clients leads price just for contacting me since thumbtack doesn't’ want to refund us the money we spend for leads that we don’t get hired for. Please take a look at all those leads and tell me if I am doing to much or making a scene.


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    @chilogm1 are you able to join our CommuniTEA sessions? This would be a great space to ask other pros about what other things you could do to win jobs. There are always a lot of really great pros there with a lot of good advice for reaching out to customers after they contact you. They take place on Thursday mornings every other week, but in the new year I'm going to add Tuesday's as well so there are more opportunities. For now you can see upcoming dates and times here. They take place over Zoom and there are typically about 10 pros there and 2-3 people from Thumbtack. I really think you could get some great suggestions!