Do you send out a follow up for a review to finished jobs?

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One of the best ways I have found to get a review from a client is by directly asking them, don't just think they'll provide you with one!

Today, I received my 50th review from a client I had back in September!! I had sent something along the lines of "I'd love it if you were pleased with my service to leave me a review..." right after I had finished with his job in September and hadn't heard back. He must have been cleaning out his email, saw the message I had sent, decided to pop onto Thumbtack and gave me a 5 star review just a half hour ago!

Follow ups whether they are to open leads or to get a review are one of the most helpful tools to leveling up your business on Thumbtack!

Do you have any tricks to getting more reviews? I'd love to hear them!


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    I always send a request for review out -- I have high success since my request includes the phrase "our feedback is important to us because it helps ensure we are meeting your needs, and it helps others who are looking for similar service." After I added this phrase several years ago, I always get a response....

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    @BITBLeah @ycc Great topic and great tips!

    It's so important to get as many reviews as you can 1) as a way to stand out from the competition and 2) show potential customers a preview of what their experience of working with you will be like. 100% agreed follow-up is super important as a lead or to get reviews.

    We have a few different processes for getting reviews in our business. Whenever possible we start with a 1:1 conversation (like in a post-service follow-up call) to get feedback on how everything went and explicitly ask the customer for an online review, followed by a text message with a link to the review platform - we've found this more personal approach helps a ton. Not sure if it's the verbal commitment or the direct follow-up but we'll take it :)

    There's also many platforms out there that can automate review collection (through a sequence of texts and emails). We use NiceJob internally (unfortunately no integration for Thumbtack) but it works very well for other platforms like FB, Google, etc. So once a service is marked as completed, the customer is put into an automated outreach that helps with friendly reminders over a period of time.

    Have you guys used any similar tools or do you think the 1:1 interaction is more powerful?

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    @patrykkg I love the 1:1 approach you take!

    I have never heard of NiceJob, I am going to be looking it up here shortly, thank you for the recommendation. :)

    I do think for thumbtack, responding directly in the app asking them for a review seems to work best because it's only a few clicks away. For something else (like google), I think it is better to send a text message with a link attached to send them directly to where they need to go!

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    @ycc I agree, It seems phrases like that really get the customers attention!

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    I always try to send my clients back to the original platform that they found me on or which ever site needs a good boost in reviews. And I definitely include a direct link to make it easier for them.

  • Your reputation is everything. The majority of my COD customers comment on our reviews. We do extremely well being consistent to ask for the reviews. We stand behind all of work. Do whatever OT tales to keep them positive.

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    Of course, the phrase more information effectively influences.

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    @BITBLeah I just noticed that you now have 80 reviews! It is so great to watch your business grow!

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    @DustiO Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without Thumbtack!

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