Try To Anticipate Your Clients Needs

Most people come to Thumbtack with a problem that they need solved. We should aim to be the answer to that problem as quickly and effectively as possible. If you can LEARN to anticipate the needs of your client, that is going to separate your business from everyone else on the Thumbtack platform that's not doing this. 

No matter what service you provide on the Thumbtack, you should aim to understand the problems and challenges that your customers and clients are facing. That way you can be the answer to their solution when they come to Thumbtack. If you can truly anticipate their needs... and I'm not saying you have to be a mind reader, but it will help if you understand them and the problem and land you more jobs when done successfully.



  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,387

    @Lemargriffinfilms as always, LOVE this. Such amazing advice, thank you!

  • DustiO
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    Bumping this up again, such great content!

  • mbrand15
    mbrand15 Posts: 5

    Thank you for sharing this valuable insight, Lemar! Your advice to anticipate the needs of clients is spot on. As a fellow Thumbtack pro, I have found that taking the time to understand the unique challenges and concerns of each client has been instrumental in building a strong reputation and winning repeat business. By being attentive and proactive in addressing their needs, we can establish ourselves as trusted partners in their success. I appreciate your contribution to the community and will definitely be applying this to my own business.