Phone Number Validation

As Thumbtack's trust & safety teams work to keep the platform safe and fair I encourage them to consider validating customer's phone numbers upon service request. Pros who decide to use thumbtack to promote their companies are required to pass numerous identification barriers including "phone number" verification, where as customers do not. This practice results in pros often being charged for leads that may have inactive phone numbers and/or contact information with no consequence to thumbtack or it's customer only the pros who pay for the lead. I have spent over $500 on leads since opening this account and only spoke to 7 actual people over the phone with 2 of them being kids. With 30+ leads sent over 17 of them have been inactive or incorrect phone numbers. I've absolutely spent way more than I've made with this company and I am very displeased with the quality of this product. I would not recommend any business owner to this website.


  • DustiO
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    Unfortunately, we can't control what customers do... If you think about when you are googling something — if you had to go through a verification process in order to contact someone, would you do it? There is definitely a fine line between engaging potential customers and scaring them away... Of course, our teams are always working on how we can get higher intent customers on the platform, and that is one of the biggest focuses currently, so hopefully you will see some improvement!

  • Is there a way to CALL customer service? NOT text or chat. I've been on hold for more than 30 minutes

  • @DustiO Thanks for you response engagement from more experienced community member like your self really reassuring. On the other hand, actually many companies alike use "verification" methods to ensure high intent customers. Also if I was aware that real people would be paying pricey connection fees to speak to me I would definitely do my due diligence. However thumbtack does not notify customers of this while encouraging them to contact 4 other pros. Many of us feel as if Thumbtack uses the "scare away" principle as a scapegoat in order to prevent accountability for this issue. Literally no one but thumbtack benefits from these tactics

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    Or go back to auto refunding when a customer doesn’t respond. So much shady business practice lately

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    @Mattacus reminder to please check out our Community Code of Conduct and keep conversations constructive. Thank you.