Stop getting leads

I used to get lots of leads for tutoring jobs but I haven't gotten any in ages. Don't know why they stopped coming. Something must be different. Maybe I am not be shown to prospects anymore.


  • Having the same problem for almost 3 months. Not a single lead! Have you gotten any answers?

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    @MoBeth and @Idesigner74 sorry to hear this! I took a look at both of your accounts and I'm not seeing any obvious reasons why you wouldn't be getting any leads. I will reach out to a support team member and see if they can spot anything that I may be missing! In the meantime I would suggest going over your targeting preferences - travel area, job types, etc and making sure those are all set to the jobs you want. It could be something as simple as the holidays/economy and these may be categories that people shy away from under those circumstances, but let's rule everything else out. I will follow up here if we are able to see anything else!

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    Ok, I heard back and here is what the team said:


    I can confirm the pro is showing in the directory list and viewable by customers. I may also confirm she's had views, though only 2 in the last few weeks.

    Digging further, we can see she is in an incredibly competitive location and is appearing toward the middle of the directory list.

    Completing her profile and adding more ratings might help her visibility but the real problem is in the customer demand.

    Her insights reveal only 4 jobs for her category/area over the last 3 months.

    Where her competition is seeing success I believe, is through offering their services remotely.


    I can see the market is competitive with several other accounts, where she is showing in the directory about half way down the page. Even so, this account looks more ideal in strength and prices than the competitors above them.This pro has had 34 views in the last 4 weeks and it looks to be increasing in volume a little each week. We'll want to try to help the pro turn these views into leads. For this, I would suggest trying to add more ratings, completion of their profile and then as well to go back and give a reply to each previous rating. Even so much as a 'thank you' will help increase the pro's visibility.

    If you both want to try these things and give it a few days and let me know if it helps that would be great! Let me know how else I can help!

  • Thank you for looking into this more deeply. A couple of additional questions/concerns in response to your feedback:

    1. At the time I interacted with the community board yesterday (and over the past week or two), the number of profile views that were shown to me in my dashboard info was 1 in the past 4 weeks. I did not see 34, as referenced in your response, anywhere then or now. What could be the reason for the inconsistent and conflicting information? Is that happening in other areas?
    2. Per the recommendation to go back and reply to reviews, there are only 3 reviews in the past 5 years to which I did not reply. It seems strange and is frustrating that my account/profile is being pushed down for that, especially when the details of my profile still seem more favorable as it currently, than profiles shown above me.

    Based on my experience with your service over 5+ years, if I have in fact had 34 views in the past 4 weeks and not a single lead or request, I am even more baffled and suspicious. The only change in my profile was adding a few photos and increasing my budget amount, which suddenly resulted in people being completely disinterested and turned off by my profile? Seems highly unlikely to me. Can you tell me how many leads (not views) have been distributed over the past 4 weeks for my same services?

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    @Idesigner74 You can see all of that in your insights page, here. If that link doesn't work you just go to your account, click "services", and then click "view business insights". It has always been the cases that there are a lot more views than leads. And those are just suggestions, you don't need to do any of them! I have just been told that sometimes those things can help with visibility. Ranking is highly complicated and there is not one perfect solve for any of it, unfortunately!

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    There’s an issue at thumbtack that they are hiding from us or blissfully ignorant too. Many pros are having the same issue:

    leads and views completely dropping, I’m not even appearing in search anymore for my main targeting area.

    They keep looking into individual accounts and see no problem so all is fine as far as they are concerned, instead of looking into their system and figuring out why so many people are suddenly having issues.

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    There’s a cost for TT to get every service and every job type to appear on page 1 of google search in every city every day. Yes it might be profile quality and complex competitive factors on TT also, as you would expect, but SEO and paid google ads are the points of the spear, right?

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    @PrimeConstruction_92 answered in the other thread where you posted :)