I'm hidden! Portrait Photography (Justin Borja)

I have an issue being unable to be seen on the Thumbtack portrait section. It seems like my entire page has been hidden and I can only see myself when it's filtered to "My home, venue, etc." I can share screen shots, on the low left side of the page you can see the filters.

I called support and they said it's a mechanical Issue, and I don't know how long this will take. I've noticed this happened mid December of 2022.

It seems like I was completely hidden and they removed me.

Can anyone help me resolve this issue?


  • Here are my settings. I should be able to be seen!

  • DustiO
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    We've connected via DM, but I will answer here as well.

    If you check your insights page, it looks like you are getting a ton of views — it looks like over a thousand in the past week. Is that lower than usual? It also looks like your response time is more than one hour, so I would work on getting that lowered, which may help in your visibility. You could also take the advice that I gave the other pros and respond to some reviews and also try getting a few new reviews, as well as adjusting your max lead price, even if only by a little bit. But, from what I can tell you are definitely being seen...

    I have reached out to the team to see if they can find anything else, though and I will follow up with what they can find.

  • Hey,

    The exact same thing has happened to me. I just actually posted about it, unlike you I don’t show up with any filters. My views went from 175 to Zero so I tried looking myself up and found I was hidden. I’ve had chats, calls with support but they say if targeting is on then I will show up. I’ve had many friends look up engagement photography in my area and I’m not showing up so there is obviously something up.

    I am a top pro and in this service and area should be top 3 for sure with my reviews and times hired. Please let me know if and how you resolve this.

  • I agree!

    I believe there’s a bug that needs to be fixed. Please let me know if you find anything out! I’ll share if I find anymore information about this problem.

  • DustiO
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    @Mattacus I took a quick look at your account and the only suggestion I would have would be to play around with your max lead prices — even if just a little bit. I have heard from multiple pros that that has helped them! And as we suggested to other pros you could go and respond to all of your existing reviews and try to get a few new ones — those things also help! Let me know if you try those and it doesn't work and we can dig deeper!

  • Hi DustiO!

    Thumbtack support recently told me on my end it’s not Max Lead pricing, they did agree it was a bug affecting users to be seen.

    As for an example, I’m only shown on portrait photography IF the filters is only on “home, Venue, etc” is selected.

    I know I am currently Number 1 for portrait photography, but I am not shown UNLESS that selection of travel preferences is shown.

    Any updates with the team for the bug issues?

  • Yeah that will help pros who are in the results rank higher maybe, that’s not my issue. My page is hidden from the search results despite me being the top pro in my category and area. This is a bug in your system effecting many people since mid December.

  • I’m only appeared when “My home, Venue, etc” is checked.

    They need to fix it where i’m appeared without that filter off

    See if this is doing it too

  • this is without being check marked. this is definitely a bug that needs to be fixed.

  • DustiO
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    Every category, area, etc is different — so while there may be something (like a bug) in one category or area, it may not be the case in the others, if that makes sense. I would still try all of the things that were suggested and if you still don't see a difference I would definitely reach out to [email protected] with the same screenshots you shared here. That way they can let the product teams know if they do think something is wrong, and you'll have a case number you can follow up on. Thank you! Hopefully this gets resolved soon!

  • For sure, I emailed the support and nothing yet.

    Every location I did the filter and it’s still all the same issue. I’ve made this report Mid December and still no response. Would you have any information if my case is still active?

    I would like to get this resolved asap. My business has been declining because of this bug.


  • DustiO
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    @BorjaVisuals I know there was a new case submitted yesterday — 09793555. I don't know if there is any progress yet, but would keep in mind that most teams were out for the holiday so that may be why you didn't see any movement the last half of December. Fingers crossed it gets resolved soon!

  • I don’t show up regardless of any filter combo, it’s like my page doesn’t exist.

  • DustiO
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    @Mattacus I see that you also have a case number — 09793226. However, I would also make sure you are trying all of the suggested things, because we don't know if this is actually a tech issue. While you wait for a response from the team I would try everything possible and see if it makes a difference :)

  • If two top pros in their field aren’t showing up in searches after pausing their targeting over Christmas I would hazard a bet it’s a tech issue.

  • It's definitely a tech issue. Multiple support specialist said the same thing, nothing is resolved. Hopefully Thumbtack can resolve this Bug that's affecting others.