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CurlyBartender Community Leader Posts: 8

Hi !

I just wanted to share one of my absolute favorite online organizing tools. Honeybook !

Honeybook has changed the way I send my clients proposals including contracts, invoices, brochures & so much more.

Besides Thumbtack, I can honestly say this tool has helped grow my business to where it is now. I've had so many clients tell me that my emails are the most professional and user friendly they ever receive.

Honeybook makes it so that you can book more clients while taking up so much less of your time. I have created so many templates for different responses so that all I have to do is type in my clients info in the specific areas & hit send.

Here is the link to check it out !

I included my referral code so you can receive a discount as well :)



  • patrykkg
    patrykkg Community Leader Posts: 16

    @CurlyBartender Thanks for sharing! I've come across HoneyBook before but never used it personally. Awesome to hear that it's worked well for you! What do you think the most powerful feature is? It sounds like generating any customer-facing material (brochures, proposals, etc.)? Or is there something else on the backend that makes it stand out?

  • carolynpace

    Thank you so much for recommending Honeybrook! I recently booked a photoshoot with a photographer that uses Honeybrook. Customer facing it was so user friendly! The only caveat is that every time I wanted to read a new message I would have to verify my email address so that extra step is a bit of pain to keep in mind of.

  • Danielle_Penn
    Danielle_Penn Community Leader Posts: 38

    Love to hear that Honeybook helps your company!

    I love Tave, and I know I couldn't be as productive without it. Like Honeybook it organizes my events and signed-contracts. It also keeps all my client's information safe and secure, together in one place. You can pay monthly or there's a 12month-24month fee schedule. Couldn't imagine running my business without it!

    Honeybook or Tave are both great. Different strokes for different folks. 😉