The new year 2023

I am a Ballroom and Latin dance teacher, teaching at my private/home studio in San Francisco. I teach mostly couples getting married. I teach couples their first dance for their wedding. My business name is Fascinating Rhythm Dance School.

The last 13 months I have not been able to teach except a for few hours, because of abdominal surgery. I was recovering fine and then after 9 months, got another infection and had to have another surgery. Each hospitalization was lengthy, and because I could not get out of bed, I lost the ability to walk. I thought my teaching career was over, but I learned to walk again twice!

My goals for 2023 are to keep recovering and start to teach again, part-time at first and then full time as before.

I can only do this with the help of Thumbtack. Being out of work because of the surgery (and forgot to mention Covid restrictions) I can't afford pricy advertising. Thumbtack really works for me. I was able to "hide my business" when I was laid up, and "go live" when I got stronger. A great feature. Thank you Thumbtack!

Marge Gabbert


  • DustiO
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    @Marge_Gabbert thank you so much for sharing this story. Really incredible to hear about how you have overcome so much to get to where you are. Let us know how we can help and wishing you all of the successes in 2023!