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Hello, I am very concerned about how Thumbtack is charging pros for leads. Last year in April, it was very simple and straightforward. I was doing excellent with Thumbtack. However, now that the pay for lead system has changed and I have to tell your system how much I’m willing to pay for a lead, I am paying way more and my success of landing the jobs have gone way down on this platform. You are also sending one lead to seven other pros. That is insane! I would like to understand this new way of paying for leads. I can’t pay $65 for a toilet repair when the max I am able to charge is $165 for the repair itself. $100 profit to drive out spend another $25 on parts is not making any money for my company.


  • Additionally, I used to be able to call the support number and speak with someone. It’s now become impossible to speak to support. Everything is email or text and I haven’t received a follow up text either. The best way to ruin a business is by alienating your clients, and Thumbtack you are doing great at that!

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    @DripDoctor the way you pay for leads hasn't changed, you just now have control over setting that max lead price. Feel free to adjust lower if needed. Also, Thumbtack does not "send" leads to anyone. If you see that a customer has reached out to 7 people, it is because they chose to do so, by looking at profiles and reaching out to those pros proactively. Here's an article about how leads work and here is an article about max lead price if you want more info.

    Unfortunately, due to macroeconomic impacts on the economy and our industry, we had to make the difficult decision to reduce our headcount by ~14% globally — about 160 employees. Headcount reductions were made across all teams and across all levels, including support. So, your patience while support team members are trained/transitioned is greatly appreciated. You can always search the Help Center to get questions answered, or ask questions here.

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