Reviews Standards Needs To Be Updated

I'm responding to this message as a PROFESSIONAL using Thumbtack. Thumbtack will allow customers to use falsify the truth and even if a customer hasn't worked with us directly; they can leave reviews based on their interactions. If a customer is reaching out for service and WE NEVER WORKED WITH THE CUSTOMER, how is it okay for them to leave a feedback for service? That sounds like pure dishonesty. There are small companies trying to make a living through different avenues and Thumbtack will allow a small company to suffer to give customers the benefit of the doubt. It is completely a shame for companies to utilize them because they charge outrageous lead fees and you have to push those lead charges on customers or you won't make profit. The standards for reviews are HORRIBLE and it's entirely unfair that businesses are 100% dictated by the reviews of customers without a standing chance. Their argument is that as a PRO you can respond to the review but when customers are searching for customers, they are looking at the star rating. There are no section for them to read the comments left on the review. This is one of the major problems with this platform. 


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    @toya You are correct, customers are able to leave you a review based on their interaction with you as that interaction is part of the process of working with you, even if they do not end up hiring you. You are able to respond to the review, and those responses are displayed right there with the review. Check out this article from a fellow pro. And, you can read more about responding to reviews here.

    As a former business owner and former Thumbtack pro, I understand how hard it is to receive a negative review, especially when you put so much into your business. But try not to get down — keep doing what you do and those good reviews will keep coming in! You've got over 100 amazing reviews, and in the end, that is what people will see.

    I also took a moment to look up your customer facing profile and that review isn't even showing up on the first several pages - if that helps at all!

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    I had a situation sometime ago where I merely informed a potential customer that they didn’t need to respond to my opportunity quote by saying “no thanks “ because that charges the pro.

    (goodness knows I am the only source where she’s going to get that information…) 🙄

    she fired off a negative review criticizing me 4 my unprofessionalism and bad attitude.

    I respond with not only a description of the conversation and her overreaction, but a snapshot picture of the text ttack conversation as well and it clearly showed where she took off like a rocket over nothing.