Major issues with Thumbtack App

I have now spoken to more than a dozen potential Thumbtack clients who say they are totally confused by the Thumbtack process, do not like or understand the app, and never see the responses to their requests. Personally, about 90% of my quotes are never seen by the client - even when they specifically request me.

So literally I am now donating money to Thumbtack. Or, the alternative is to annoy the potential clients by calling them without waiting for them to look at the quote.

Is it just me?


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 985

    I would definitely recommend using the phone number given to send a text and/or call. When we have our CommuniTEA sessions with pros, or other pro panels or Q&A sessions that I have done that is overwhelmingly the advice given by really successful pros. But I will tag in a few to see if they have any further advice! @ShaquealThomas @Lemargriffinfilms @Js_Garage_Door1 @soonerkimmy

  • This however does not resolve the issue folks are having with the Thumbtack app. In addition, many get angry when they receive 4-5 calls from techs.

  • @That_Tech_Jeff_2023

    In my experience customers getting mad that tecs are calling them is not true at all. If you ask 4 companys for help with a project and you get 4 phone calls I think the customer is getting exactly what they asked for lol

    We highly recommend calling the customer we typically respond on the app telling them we're going to call. We then call and if they don't pick up we send a text identifying ourselves and telling them to call us back whenever there free. We typically respond so quickly the customers don't think it's a pro from TT calling them, that's why we text and tell them who we are and it shows them we're a real person. We typically get a call from the customer right away.

  • Matt
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    This is a very common issue I hear from clients. Nearly all of my leads have said that they couldn’t get back into Thumbtack, or even install and use the app so they were glad I texted and scheduled a call. All of my clients came from texting/calling and none through the app itself. Even if I message back in less than a minute, I usually never see they have read it. On average I would say 20% or so clients actually ever read my message. I still respond quickly to keep my metrics high, but I know if I don't text right after, I will never hear from them.

  • The App is definitely a serious issue. Along with the payment options. What a mess.