Lead prices out of control

Anybody else having issues with lead prices going up more than 50% lately? Im paying 20% of what I charge for my service per lead, I need to book 1/5 to cover leads at the moment, its insane.

I paid less than $20 per lead last year, when I slide the set max lead price to $20 it says ill get 2 per month. I was paying this per lead last year and getting over 20 leads a month. Has something changed with how TT is setting lead prices, they are wildly inconsistent at the moment for me.


  • Mattacus
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    @DustiO are you able to shed some light? Can you see what the average lead price for engagement photography in Charleston SC is? Maybe then we can figure out why it’s jumped 3x higher all of a sudden. If a service costs $250 surely the lead should only be 5-10% of that max

  • Matt
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    My lead prices are all over the map, some high demand areas I have had as low as $20, then a low demand area shoot up to $44+. It’s pretty crazy to think that I have paid $40 for a lead that had a $100 budget

    I wish they asked more of the clients reaching out, this would help sort out some pros who aren’t willing to move forward if the clients job/budget is just too low.

  • DustiO
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    @Mattacus you are able to see the average price of leads in your categories if you look in your Max Lead price section and click on performance, or if you look in your insights. Hope this helps!

  • The whole lead price bidding was a horrible implementation idea. After implementing it, lead prices skyrocketed. I maybe book 1/15 leads I get which is a wash. I am often turning off high ticket services because of the lead prices.

    Ive found myself just fishing in the opportunities tab now because the probability is better even though they've already been contacted. They say complain and they will change things but every choice they make is to make more money at the expense of the pros -

    This is like a suggestion box with an open bottom.

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    @TheOneWillFocus Please review our Community Code of Conduct and keep conversations constructive. If you have feedback for Thumbtack, this is not the space. You can leave feedback by following these instructions or sending it to [email protected] so that it can be properly logged. Thank you.

  • Whoever is coming up with the average price needs to be retrained. They have the average price to replace an existing disposal at 147.00 . The disposal alone cost 147.00 !!

    what about the cost of the lead, gas, my time, my knowledge (licensed plumber), my pay for doing the work?

    am I supposed to pay for the lead, but the disposal, drive to the customer, perform the work, guarantee the work and be negative .

    they really need to actually contact us or stop putting an average cost for customers to see

  • Mattacus
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    I agree, every lead should just be say 7% of the cost of the job. That way we can budget it in and know what to expect.

  • The lead prices are insane right now. Ever since this bidding thing, in order to get leads you have to be “more competitive “ or else you simply won’t get the leads. I don’t know how many times I get $30 leads where I’m the only one contacted, but when I reach out to the customer no response, doesn’t even read the message, respond to texts or voicemails. When i dispute them all I get is a recorded response saying it doesn’t fit the criteria. And that I pay to be put in front of potential customers.

  • And yes I email support but all I get is an automated email. This has happened a lot. Even had instant bookings cancel or simply want me to come give an estimate and still no refund. I love thumbtack it’s been great, I. just wish they would help out when these things happen.

  • Beefcake
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    That’s because thumbtack only cares about themselves making money so they set it up to where they get paid whether we do or not. I had the same thing happen. The customer only picked me and I responded in less than a minute. I texted three times and called twice and the customer never answered the phone or responded to the text and yet they charged me over $50 for that lead and I never had an opportunity to sell the job.

    if a customer doesn’t respond when we do everything we’re supposed to do then we shouldn’t get charge for that lead plain and simple