[MEDIA OPPORTUNITY] Calling all house cleaners!

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Our team is in the process of creating an article that features some of the best spring cleaning tips to make our customers' lives easier. We would LOVE to feature tips, hacks and advice from our Thumbtack professionals, and we would love to feature some pros from our Community. There is no limit on how many tips you can send our way (the more, the merrier!). Once we receive your tips, we will let you know which ones will be featured in the article. And once the article is live, we will send you a link! Also, if we feature your tips in the article, we will attribute the tip to you and include:

  • Your name
  • Your official title
  • Your business name
  • A link to your Thumbtack profile -- so customers can see your services!

If you're tagged here, you've told us that you are in the cleaning industry!

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  • GetCleanClean

    This sounds fun!

    Tip #1: Don't forget to clean your walls - A nice deep clean to your walls has the power to rejuvenate any room!

    Tip #2: Spring cleaning is the perfect time to redecorate your rooms! Rearranging furniture don't only give you a better chance to clean - they let you see your room with fresh eyes

    Tip #3: Make sure to clean those hard-to-reach places like ceiling fans and overhead light fixtures - this will prevent dust and other allergens from clogging up the air!