What is the process that thumbtack uses for Opportunities

I noticed that on the opportunities page, it indicates that "these customers who have requested other pros", "...you can be their backup."

Does this mean that your response is not sent to the customer until the pro they selected has changed their status to "not hired"? Exactly when does the email go out to the customer if you choose to pursue an "opportunity"?


  • DustiO
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    It means they have already reached out to a pro, but not necessarily hired them. Customers can choose to look at quotes from other pros who reach out via the opportunities tab, but you won't pay for those unless the customer responds to you. This is a nice way to look at jobs that might be slightly outside your preferences, but customers are a lot less likely to look at these versus regular leads, so just keep that in mind :) It's a good backup though!

  • LisaP
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    @DustiO Thank you, I have read that information that thumbtack has provided. It doesn't answer the question. I don't believe an email goes to the "opportunities" until the first pro (the one the client contacted) changes the status. So the question is, Exactly when does your email go out to the client? (you have chosen to respond to from an opportunity). This is a detail that I think is very important and unanswered.

  • DustiO
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    Oh sorry, I totally missed that! I believe it goes out immediately, but it's up to the customer to click on and see your quote - but I'm reaching out to that team to find out for sure.

  • DustiO
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    @LisaP I was incorrect — The notification goes out if the pro they originally contacted does not respond within 4 hours! It looks like this may not be working properly and it's being investigated currently, so stay tuned if I hear more I will comment here. Thank you for the patience!

  • The quotes end up never getting read. It's a common problem with plenty of threads involving this issue as to if Thumbtack delivers them

  • Matt
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    Of the 30+ times I have reached out to the opportunities side of TT, only 1 client got back to me, and the worst part about it was he was able to reach out to 10 + pro's as well as however many opportunities, thus racking up $1000+ in fees that Pro's paid to TT. It would seem that Thumbtack should really limit how many Pros are contacted and not let a client like this run wild. I was not hired after the client reached out to me however.