March Contest: Spring projects.

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As we head into springtime, many of us are thinking about spring cleaning, special home projects, or growing business plans. Personally, I've been thinking about moving my office to a different part of the house in order to get more natural light while I work.

I plan to hire Thumbtack pros to help me move furniture, organize some storage areas, and maybe even paint. I'm also hoping to get my Google Drive organized (this is like, the ultimate cleaning project for me 😅).

For this month's contest, we'd love to hear about a project you plan to do (this can be for your home, your business, or one of your clients) — bonus entry if you show us a before and after pic of the project. If you aren't planning a project, share one you've done in the past.

Share below and we'll pick a random winner to receive some Thumbtack swag. Your before and after pics may also be chosen to be featured on our social media channels.


  • C_Grimm81
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    I'm new to posting in this community and we'll basically new to posting on any type of social media. Just not my thing but I figured I. Wide awake and tired of of doing estimates this evening so I'd give this a go. The main project I need to do at home is get rid of all the boxes from our move along with package and donate all my families clothes that don't get worn. We have ALOT. I keep justifying not starting yet because I'm working 7 days a week so it'd be a waste of resources to have the dumpster dropped here yet since I wouldn't be around to fill it but I need this project done so I bet if I just have it dropped I'd allow myself to stay off jobsites for a day or 2 so I could take care of bussiness. This is the only thing that is holding up the basement portion of the remodeling of the new house. We purchased this at a ridiculously great price so I am able to invest more into this project than past homes so hopefully I see the better return. And this is why I don't post anything on these sites because I'm all over the place not making much sense to anyone so I'll stop now but thanks for having me....also lastly is there anywhere someone could refer me to that had professionals looking for work? I am in the drywall/Plaster trades, I pay wages that competes with the local union because I require nothing but the highest quality so I'll pay the highest wages in the market. Just putting that out their.

  • This month we will be making the leap from residential landscaping to commercial. We just won our first community association job today and got hired to mulch all common area flower beds and lay new playground mulch in the tot park. This will hopefully bring more jobs servicing homeowners in that community as well as more commercial work down the road. In other news we just completed the first vinyl landscape timber border ever done ( as far as my research can find). We pulled out old rotten wooded ones and I found a way to make vinyl post look like the wooden timbers everyone knows but without all the maintenance. In my opinion they look a lot cleaner too, let me know what you think.

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    Hello all! My business doesn't provide services that will give me before & after photos. I am a bookkeeper and tax preparer. If I showed pictures of my work, I would be in breach of confidentiality. So I uploaded a few funny pics that I thought you might enjoy. My project that needs to get done for spring at my home is landscaping both the front yard and the back yard. Right now they are a mess from the winter. We do what we can to keep up with basic weeding but that's it. I need to plant new flowers around both yards, get rid of dead plant life, and maybe restructure the flow. With all the storms here in California, I have not had a chance to get out in the yard yet. Hopefully, the rain will stop this coming weekend. It looks like it might - but who knows? I would love to see your yard and hear what your favorite plant is. I need inspiration! Even better, if you are a landscaper in my area, reach out to me!!!!

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    Hello! I’ve been with TT for about 2 years. Love it! Haven’t received any swag yet but maybe with this contest I will get something. Lol 😂

    I plan on creating something I’ve never done before for a client. I’m very excited about it. It is a “paper pieced” Butterfly “memory” wall hanging out of my clients daughters clothes. She passed away last year at age 24 😢

    Started by designing a color theme from the clothes and then piece by piece create!!

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    OMG @Chacha1958 I love this so much, thank you for sharing!

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    Thanks to everyone for your entries in this month's contest! @Quasny_landscape is our randomly selected winner! Please send me a DM (@DustiO) with your mailing address so I can send you some swag!

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    Congratulations @Quasny_landscape. 😎👏🎉