Possible problem with THUMBTACK?

Hi, lately I have been experiencing problems with thumbtack and wondering if anyone else has.

I have had customers send me targeted leads twice. It seems that after I responded to the first lead, they never got my response / quote, so they sent a second lead to me.

I know this happens occasionally with customers not knowing how to use the service correctly, but I think I’ve received five or six double leads in the past two weeks. Each time it seems like the customer never got my response to the first lead.


  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 25

    Hello @Craig_Washington_Ii

    I have also had this problem before, one thing I always do is text the client as well as send a message since often times they never look at the messages on Thumbtack. If they don’t text back same day, call the next day as often times the phone number provided is not a cell phone and they wouldn’t receive a text.

    I have heard it many times that clients never get my messages on Thumbtack and they cannot figure out how to log back into the service! It’s a problem, and not sure how much is being done to fix it.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 985

    @Craig_Washington_Ii be sure you are submitting any duplicate leads for a refund. Sorry this has happened!