Deposits and Final Payments


I’m having trouble requesting payment again from my customers? I require a 50% upfront deposit to book my services and when customers pay me through thumbtack I’m not able to go back in and request another or multiple payments which becomes frustrating for customers who don’t use digital pay services. Please help.


  • Handyman1

    THUMBTACK SUPPORT IS NOT COMMUNICATING!!!! Hi there I just had the same problem! I charged them once and the job was ongoing. Now they owe me $300 and there is now way to request payment. Apparently they sent a service request and I have literally been trying to reach thumbtack for 4 days with no response via text or anything! THUMBTACK SUPPORT IS NOT COMMUNICATING!!!! The text thread is lifeless with no wait time. No way to call! And now my client won’t even respond. I did the work! I spent the gas. For nothing! This is so frustrating!!!

  • MCGEvents

    if you have an iPhone request an apple payment to their cell phone number. thats how I had to do it. but it shouldn't be that hard.