0 Leads - This is Clearly a Common Concern


Repeatedly, PROs have reported they have received no leads in Q1 2023 after a previous pattern of regular weekly leads (myself included).

Lead numbers have not changed as I have maximized lead price and budget.

Perhaps, TT should publish an article on how many customer inquiries they received in Q1 2023 (overall and by PRO service) versus previous periods to shed light on whether this is an economic issue or an issue with the TT platform, pricing strategy, or other.

The continued response of “check: settings, selected lead prices, selected budget, response time, reviews, …” is NOT adequate.

There is clearly a pattern here that TT PROs are reporting and TT is not getting to the bottom of the issue.

This issue should be escalated, investigated, AND reasons and resolutions COMMUNICATED BACK TO ALL PROS.


  • Matt
    Matt Posts: 155

    The leads have been very inconsistent as of late, it seems almost batched, meaning that I will have a week with nothing, then all of a sudden on the same day I would get 3 within hours, then again nothing for a week.

    Something feels off for sure. The bidding process for max lead prices at one point went to $70 to be “competitive”, which is so false considering that Thumbtack is the one who is doing the bidding for us, hoping we actually receive jobs worthy of the high lead price. Then the next day it drops down to $40 ish for being competitive.

  • Tt28
    Tt28 Posts: 1

    At first it was ok getting me a bunch of leads that did match. I closed two leads and all of a sudden I stopped getting leads for 2 weeks and then started getting charged for leads that were 20miles away from me and didn't match my preferences. It's been leads this months that I have been declined the refund and none of them met my preferences. I have tried calling, no answer, texting, no answer... It's been weeks now and I need help. I thought this was a more organized business.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,681

    @Tt28 I tried looking at your account, but since you have your business hidden currently, I am not able to look at your targeting preferences to see if I can help. Did you confirm that you have your travel area set to the distance you are willing to travel or customers traveling to you?

  • LindaKay
    LindaKay Posts: 1

    Hello, I created an account to offer some handy"woman" services as I like to call it. Woke up next day and my account was shut down and I have no idea why. I had leads paid for already and jobs scheduled...

    I have tried calling all customer services numbers, emailing multiple times, nothing works so I am not too sure how I can get ahold of someone to figure this out. I need my account reactivated. I am a healthy older women and looking to make some income because lets face it, retirement isn't cutting it these days.


  • joannecoates

    I agree, it’s heart-breaking. Some genius joined TT and changed the business model/pricing strategy. It’s been all down hill ever since.

  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator, Moderator Posts: 1,681
  • pnyame_13
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    edited April 2023

    I just paid $180 for 2 leads in 6 days. One of the leads was $95.

  • cynbeatty

    Same experience with the batching @Matt. Recently, after weeks of nothing, had a small flurry of leads within a week. Landed two jobs and two, five-star reviews and back to crickets.

  • WDodson
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    edited May 2023

    There is a need for a definitive "stopped getting leads" document that walks users thru every step of the checking/fixing process.

    But look: If leads WERE coming in, and now they're NOT, and if the user changed nothing, then the answer can't be "check this check that check the other thing" ... the answer HAS to be either competitors have done something different on TT, or TT has done something different in the search/advertising/PPC/acquisition areas (which users have no control over, and almost no visibility into), or TT has tweaked the algorithm and it's having a negative impact for that user, at that time (and users have zero visibility into the algo).

    Am I thinking correctly?