I need help with badly targeted leads

I have been trying to reach thumbtack for weeks via phone and text and chat and I get no response from anything. I keep getting leads from out of the states I work like far away. When I submit them to dispute they tell me they are eligible and to change my preferences. I have checked my preferences and it clearly states I work in a 30 mile radius of 3 states yet I am getting and paying for leads that are 1000 miles away. I need help !!!! Please I cannot afford all the charges and will have to deactivate if I cannot find a way to fix this.


  • DustiO
    DustiO Administrator Posts: 1,067

    Hi @gracegirl I took a few moments to look into your account and also reached out to the support team. It looks like you have a few active profiles — here is a screenshot:

    The team member I spoke with thinks this may be causing the issue. Do you still service those profiles? If not, I would deactivate those. Let me know if this answers your questions! And sorry for the delayed reply, we had a team offsite this week so I was out of office!