Community Scavenger Hunt — Win Some Swag!

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Want to win a Thumbtack branded Carhartt duffle bag and a water bottle? Here's your chance! Participate in our Community Scavenger hunt, completing the following items and we'll pick 2 random winners to receive one (they are great for transporting tools for your next job, or gear for your next camping trip!).

Scavenger hunt items to be completed:

  1. Upload a profile pic to your Community profile
  2. Join or create a Community Group
  3. Share a tip for success with your fellow pros, by posting in the main feed
  4. Comment on our Community Code of Conduct and let us know that you've read it
  5. Bonus entry: Post your story on our "inspiration" board — tell us what you do, how you got started, why you love what you do, and anything else inspiring about you! (if you do this, your name will be entered twice)

Comment "completed" when you've done everything (we will confirm that items 1-4 were completed, and item 5 for your bonus entry). Entries must be completed by July 31.