Using direct leads

I’ve been with Thumbtack for close to 11 years. Back when I started sending a quote was only $3.48. yes times have changed and over the course of 5+ years it’s been a nightmare with customers who don’t reply. And I just paid $25 to send you a quote and then Thumbtack will not reimburse you. what I feel about this is that Thumbtack is not losing anything by giving us a credit versus actually putting money back into our accounts. why not give us a credit that we can work with till we get that desired client


  • We are in the same boat! With the increased cost of leads, and the decreased number of approved refunds, Thumbtack is no longer our preferred platform to receive leads. We are not able to profit from the leads we turn into customers.

    I do agree, I wish Thumbtack provided more approved refunds. With increased cost of lead, I expect the lead to be better (higher likelihood of turning lead into a customer). When the customer does not return any of our initial messages, we have no chance of converting them to a customer.