Company leads for creative Pros


I do video production. I've been on Thumbtack for over 6 years and it seems like most of my customer success stories are with companies and non-profits rather than individuals doing personal/family projects or things for their brand new tiny company. Is Thumbtack actively doing anything to attract more company leads for the creative Pros on the platform? It seems like those quality leads are few and far between.


  • DustiO
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    @STL_Shooter78 I'm afraid I don't have any details on how we are marketing for specific categories - other than I know we are always working to make Thumbtack and our pros show up at the top in google. And, we have a lot of other places where we do marketing, like social media, television/streaming, etc. I do know it is always a priority to attract high quality leads. I will see if I can find out any more. Thanks!

  • STL_Shooter78

    Maybe some sort of internal marketplace for Thumbtack pros to use other Thumbtack pros for creative services? I wonder how many successful business owners who are on Thumbtack know that there are a ton of great photographers and videographers on Thumbtack.