How do you get reviews?

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Let us know how you get your customer to leave you a review. Be sure to share your best review tips in the comments!

How do you get reviews? 4 votes

Send a follow up after the job is completed
bgood2021AmbarTheresa 3 votes
Ask the customer while doing the job
Utilize Thumbtack to send a review reminder
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Other (explain in the Comments)


  • Yurik_Riegel

    i am a portrait artist a muralist. I don't know what Thumbtack is sending to people, but apparently the review process is not great especially for older people. I know that most people are ecstatic about the work i do for them and yet never manage to do a review because it is too hard to find, complete or otherwise. they always say, can you send another? to which I say, it wont let me do that. maybe check your spam folder?" I could go on. I have had multiple customers recently who absolutely have wanted to give me a great review for me going out of my way for them, and literally sent me the review by text after trying unsuccessfully several times, saying "that they had tried multiple times and were not going to waste anymore of their lives trying to review me, but here is my review and can you just post it for me?" ( which of course, i can't) and there is no way of even resending it, no way for me to even see what they are seeing. I would be the top pro in my area, if the customers who want to review me, actually could. I could have a income that allowed me to live in the bay area, if thumbtack could do what they are supposed to do, what I am paying them to do. there needs to be some process by which I can help a customer give a review or resend it. and that also means that the review be generated when both parties are available or at least, for god's sakes, a truly comprehensive step by step how to process page available to to both the customer and pro- easy to find - to troubleshoot the process. the review system is broken. Yes Thumbtack UX team, I am talking to you.

  • DustiO
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    Here is a step-by-step guide you can send your customers.

  • Diana
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    If you get Thumbtack reviews realize those reviews are not yours they are Thumbtack. And unless you pay them they will not be seen by customers. Trust you need to get your reviews on Google or your website because all your hard work that earn those reviews are Thumbtack.