For success, it's all about the numbers, but the numbers are not there anymore


I have noticed a trend on TT that is concerning to Pros here in the Pro Community as well as in the Zoom CommuniTEA. There have been significant shifts in the success of pros but no one seems to know why that is.

I am very OCD and keep track of EVERYTHING for the past 4 years: How many Views; how many Profile Views; how many Leads; how many booked appointments; and how many hires. The more Views, the more customers are looking at MY Profile, the more customers reach out to me the more paying clients. Unfortunately, there is a drop in the number of Views overall. I have seen a max of 100 Views per day dwindle down to 3 Views per day. For my category and the area I reach is unheard of, and I can’t seem to make sense of this drop. So now I am no longer getting the reach to potential clients , which leads to less client contact.

I don’t know if this drop in Views in my Category is related to how “Competitive” I am against other Pros. The sliding scale for being Competitive seems to change several times a day. If I am not looking at my TT constantly, I have no idea if I am less competitive or now paying way more then others. For example the sliding scale for my Category costs up to $137 per lead. To be Competitive can range from $50 to $90 at one point in the day and then $35 to $85 at another point in the day. What does this huge spread mean for the Pro? If I set $50 to be Competitive am I being dropped off the list of Pros to those who pay $90 to be Competitive? Then it’s really not competitive is it? This is all very confusing and no one seems to know the answers.

Has anyone out there figured this out?


  • Diana
    Diana Posts: 8

    I have been using TT for a few years and I think that they are being so greedy. They are charging at least 5 different contractors the lead prices and making so much money from small businesses. The rate for leads these days is outright rediculous. Fi use to set my budget at $60. And I'd receive around 6-10 leads (potential work) I would actually get around 3-4 of the jobs. Now it's $30+per lead at the very least. And don't even get me started on instant bookings they give the customer an estimate of $270 and then charges $110 for the booking to clean a 4 bed 3 bath house doing a full move out cleaning. Between the booking cost, gas, supplies, insurance, taxes etc. I'm working for free? Actually in the red. I've come to the feeling of is it even worth it to utilize this platform. Which is disappointing because I have 60 reviews and have built a clientele with this company to be taken advantage of like this is disgraceful. I am actively looking for other streams of clients at this point. All I've heard from TT is how they are pricing by area and demand which is bull. Because if they are doing it by area they need to look deeper into areas because some of my most affluent areas with the largest houses the estimates are lower. And it's kind of hard to raise rates without client thinking I'm baiting and switching. Now in instant bookings while confirming job it won't let you raise the estimate it keeps saying it's too high, and I offer carpet cleanings as and added service for move out cleanings. As TT has grown off the sweat of small buisiness owners it is pushing us out with the greed, because there are other people just starting out that they are replacing the loyal contractors that notice the changes in the company like fewer views and higher outrageous pricing. When I look at my category of contractors most of them are all new to the platform. And are ranked above me with no reviews no jobs completed doesn't make sense to me at all ?