Not getting any leads


Okay, so I was getting consistent leads everyday when I first started with Thumbtack. Then they just stopped out of nowhere. My profile is strong. I have my settings turned to unlimited budget. I have a 4.9 rating. And I see multiple comments of the same issue as me. And I see only one lady responding to all of them with the same comments about, well your profile looks good and I'll dm you or reach out to my team. Thumbtack has got to be aware of this issue. To many people have commented and it's not rocket science. What is the problem and what has to be done to fix it? This should not be a mystery. Please help with a real viable solution.



  • Pancakesplease

    Same here. I went from 6-8 leads a week, 400 plus profile views a week to 0 leads and 11 profile views, I haven't changed anything on my profile, and it's wedding season in my industry.

    Something is obviously going with TT.