Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

There are many tax breaks for small businesses, and I bet you want to know all of them to help reduce your tax liability and keep more money in your small business bank account. That is where we can help!

Here are just a few of the most generous tax deductions available to small businesses which are usually not accounted for on the tax return.

 These include:

·        Advertising

·        Auto Expenses (mileage, repairs, registration)

·        Business Insurance

·        Depreciation (tools, computers, desks)

·        Home Office

·        Legal & Professional fees (attorney, bookkeeper, taxes)

·        Payroll (wages, payroll taxes)

·        Rent & Utilities

·        Retirement Plan Contributions (SEP IRA)

·        Startup Costs

·        Subscriptions

·        Taxes

·        Travel (flight, hotel, meals away)

Take a look at your tax return. Did you deduct these items? If not, why? We can help YOU find every deduction possible for your business.