Miscategorized Leads

I've been noticing a lot of miscategorized leads for Video Production lately. Most of these are for Videography but they are listed as Video Editing. I saw one yesterday where the job poster even said in the description "I don't need the editing, I just need to collect video footage.

I'm wondering if there is a way to catch these before they go live. Some sort of AI implementation?

When I type in "Video" in the search, the first three things that come up are Videographers, Video Production, and Video Editors. Maybe a simple (filming only), (filming and editing), and (editing footage/assets that you supply) to the right of each of those three options would help clarify what each means to the general public.


  • Nine months later and this problem still exists. @DustiO Why doesn't Thumbtack fix this?

    I get multiple emails a day for "Video Editing" gigs that are actually "Video Production" gigs.

    How much money has Thumbtack lost because these jobs weren't categorized correctly?